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OpenSkills Topics
ID Lin Titolo Descrizione Call For Papers Online
201 Cobbler Documentation, examples and use of Cobbler Linux Provisioning System YES YES
173 I, System Stories of daily computer life. NO YES
40 Installing Linux Overview of Linux Installation on different distributions. NO YES
157 Linux Distributions overview An overview of Linux Distributions: companies, entities, individuals and their efforts. NO YES
194 Linux Network configuration Configuration of networking and security on different Linux distro NO YES
123 Linux software management How software is installed, updated and managed on different Linux distributions NO YES
147 OS Guide: Debian The OpenSkills Guide for Experienced Linux Sysadmin: Debian NO YES
136 OS Guide: Fedora The OpenSkills Guide for Experienced Linux Sysadmin: Fedora NO YES
135 OS Guide: Mandrake The OpenSkills Guide for Experienced Linux sysadmin: Mandrake NO YES
143 OS Guide: SlackWare The OpenSkills Guide for experienced System Administrators: SlackWare NO YES
179 OS Guide: Suse 9 The OpenSkills guide to (experienced) Linux system administrators: Suse 9 Professional NO YES
202 Puppet Configuration and use of the Puppet Configuration management tool. YES YES
196 System Administration Common administration activities on Linux distributions NO YES
11 The boot process Linux boot process: loader, kernel, init. NO YES
195 The Linux filesystem Overview of the filesystems and directory hierarchy on Linux NO YES
200 Xen Xen virtualization YES YES
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