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- Philosophy

- OS Graphics :
Set Them Free Wallpaper
Desk Meditation


I, Xen

A tutorial about Xen on Suse 9.3,
A system, his soul,
some words, mad graphics

I, System

Memories of romantic Operative Systems:
- I, Xen - Virtual lives
- First boot - Awakening of a Computer System
- Boring life of a Cisco Router - Unhealthy packets
- Philosophical elucubrations of an idle computer
- Party Packets - Live at Webbit 2004

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OpenSkills Guides to Linux Distributions

Docs for (more or less) Experienced Linux Sysadmins
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- Technical Analysys of Linux Distributions(Talk)
- OS Guide: Suse (OS Topic - beta)
- OS Guide: Fedora (OS Topic - beta)
- OS Guide: Debian (OS Topic - alpha)
- OS Guide: Slackware (OS Topic - alpha)
- OS Guide: Mandrake (OS Topic - alpha)

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